Import or Update User From a CSV File

How can I Import or Update user information from a CSV file? 

This tool allows you to create or update multiple users at once by uploading a single CSV file that contains your user information.

Here's how to create the template. 

The easiest and recommended way to create a CSV file is by downloading a template from our Staff Module.
  1. Select the Staff Module. 
  2. Import/Update Users
  3. Choose either Import Users or Update Users 

Go through the columns listed on the screen, and check those you would like to include.

The mandatory columns are always included in the template.
  •  Select the "Download Template" to download the CSV template file to your computer. The mandatory columns, as well as any additional columns you selected, will be automatically added to the template.
  • Open the template file in your favorite spreadsheet editor, like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. You should see a single row, called the header, with the same columns you selected above.
  • Fill in your user information. If you are importing users from another system, make sure to match the data to the correct columns.
  • Once you've added your data to the spreadsheet, save it in CSV format. The file extension should be ".csv".
  • Select the "Choose a file..." option, and select your CSV file to start uploading your file. You will get a chance to review the changes before actually applying them to your account.
  • Review and Confirm the information
  • Select "Import". 
If you are importing users from another system, make sure to use the correct names for the column headers.
When trying to upload the file if you are getting a Server error simply send the file over to This will allow us to look into it further. 

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