User Types, Departments, and Offices

Here's how to create a User Type

Create user types to separate your users into categories of your choosing.
  1. Select the Staff Module
  2. Select User Types
  3. Create a User Type
  4. Choose the Name 
  5. Add a description
  6. Save

Here's how to create a Department

Departments can be set up and assigned to match the structure of your company. Various settings throughout the PurelyHR modules can be assigned to an entire department. 
Department Managers can be directly assigned to any department. As a result, when a user changes department, the manager(s) of the new department will automatically be assigned. 
Assign unique colors to departments to easily identify groups of users in the Time-Off calendar.
  1. Select the Staff Module
  2. Select Departments
  3. Create Department
  4. Choose the Name 
  5. Choose the color reference
  6. Save

Here's how to create an Office

If your company has employees in more than one office, you can create offices within the system to classify them. By default, new users will be assigned to the Head Office.
Paid holidays can be assigned individually to different offices, which is useful if your offices are spread across different countries.
  1. Select the Staff Module
  2. Select Offices
  3. Choose the Name
  4. Save

Once they are created, here's how to assign any of those options to the users. 

First option: 

  1. From the User Types, Departments or Office screen select the Assign Users icon. 


Second option:

  1. Staff Directory 
  2. Select the User in question
  3. Employment
  4. Edit
  5. User Type, Department, and Office
  6. Save

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