What type of Restrictions can be set in Time-Off Manager? 

Time-Off Restrictions can be set to limit the number of users* that are off at one time, or a block of dates that are not able to be booked off.  

Time-Off Type Restrictions can also be set so that one time off type needs to be depleted before another is used.  For example, all Paid Time Off is taken before Unpaid Time Off can be booked.


         To Create a Time-Off Restriction:

        To Create a Time-Off Type Restriction:                                                                             

  1. Settings
  2. Restrictions
  3. Time-Off Restrictions
  4. Create New Restriction
  5. Select Office (if applicable)
  6. Select the Department, or set to "All" if the restriction will be account wide
  7. Select the time-off type (if restricting one type, such as vacation time) or set  to "All" if the restriction will be account wide
  8. Set the Maximum Daily Requests (if no one is allowed to be off for a date range, this should be 0)
  9. Select a date range, if desired
  10. Save
  11. Repeat as required, for different offices, user categories or date ranges
  12. Settings
  1. Restrictions
  2. Time-Off Type Restrictions
  3. Create New Restriction
  4. Choose the Restricted Time-Off Type
  5. Choose the time-off type which Must be depleted
  6. Save






Hints & Tips 

*Restrictions can be by department and/or office if these are defined in your account.


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