User Profile - Employment Tab

User Profile - Employment Tab 

What information can be saved in the Employment Tab?

  • Job Title, Employee ID, Hired Date, & Termination Date (An employee would need to be inactivated to have the Termination Date)
  • User Type, Department & Office (These can also be assigned in bulk)
  • Performance Manager, Performance Review Month & Performance Review Day (If these fields are complete, a Reminder can be set up for the Performance Review)
  • Job Description


  • To update this information for a user, go to:
  1. Staff Module
  2. Staff Directory
  3. Select User
  4. Employment Tab
  5. Edit (green pencil)
  6. Input Information
  7. Save (green check mark)


Hints & Tips 

All of the above information can be added as optional columns when using the Import/Update from a CSV file function

Managers and Employees can have access to view and/or modify this information. Staff Module-> Account Settings.


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