Create a Banked Time Request

Create a Banked Time Request 

How can I submit a banked time request?

A banked time request is usually used when you do overtime in exchange for time-off. 



  • Follow these steps in Time-Off:
  1. Banked Time Request
  2. Select Reason for Banked Time (if available)
  3. Select Date (if available)
  4. Input Start and End times (Or number of hours and minutes)
  5. Insert a Comment
  6. Submit Request


Hints & Tips 

Administrators and Managers (if enabled) can input Banked Time on behalf of users

As a user, you can view your Banked Time Summary on the left navigation pane of your Time-off module

Note: You will only be able to create a bank time request if this is an option for your company


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