Last Update: June 22, 2022 12:58 PM

Updating Credit Card Information

Here’s how to update your Credit Card information:  
  1. Once logged into the account as an Administrator 
  2. Go to the Dashboard (You can access your Account Dashboard by clicking the 4-square icon located on the right side of the top blue menu bar)
  3. Account
  4. Credit Card Details 
  5. Enter the changes
  6. Select Save Changes and Voila! 

Credit card payments will automatically be processed by the system on your billing date. After your payment is processed, your invoice will be sent to you and/or will be available from your Dashboard.

We, at PurelyHR, believe in the security of our clients, and for that reason, we do not accept credit card numbers over the phone or email.
Please note: If you have pending payments when updating your credit card information, these will still be processed.
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