Adding iCal to Microsoft Outlook

How can I add my Time-Off Calendar into my Microsoft Outlook Calendar?

Adding your iCalendar to Microsoft Outlook is an easy 2 step process.
Keep in mind that it can take several minutes for the calendar to populate in your personal calendar.
Also, be aware that your unique iCal link can't be shared with other or in other calendars. 

Step one: 

Here’s how you can retrieve your iCalendar link. 
  1. Go to ICalendar Setup on the left side menu from your Time-Off Module
  2. Select your TimeZone under the iCalendar Information option.
  3. Save – This will generate the Default ICalendar Link
  4. You can copy either the Default iCalendar Link that will provide you only basic Time-Off Request information
  5. Or you can copy the Customized iCalendar Link. 

Step two: 

Here’s how to add the iCalendar link to Microsoft Outlook. 
  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. File
  3. Info
  4. Account Settings
  5. Internet Calendars
  6. New
  7. Paste the link you’ve previously copied
  8. Add
  9. Name your Calendar and click OK 
  10. Click Close on the following screen
  11. Ensure the selection box is checked for your newly added calendar
  12. Your new calendar is now added
*Note: For Administrators, the Link is under Tools-> ICalendar Setup.

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