Modifying a User's Balance

How can I modify my user’s balance?

As an Administrator, you are able to manually add or subtract a number of days or hours on any of the active user balances.  
Those steps can be used to add missing accruals from the past as well. 
  1. Go to the Time-Off Module
  2. Manage Users
  3. User List
  4. Edit User Settings
  5. Balance
  6. Edit
  7. Modify the balance by adding or subtracting hours or days to the Time Off of choice.
Note: Modify the user’s balance, will not reflect changes to the user’s allowance. 
  1. Add a message to user (optional) 
The message to user does not have to be sent to the employee in question. Keep in mind that the message that will be entered into that box will show into the audit trail for future reference, 
  1. Save  
Anytime you want to modify a balance by a decimal value, you will need to include the number in front of the decimal.
A value can’t be “.054” however “0.054” is accepted.
If you experience any problems with the conversion from Hours to Days, please note that we only keep 3 decimal points of accuracy.
*For example
, if we take the 5.333 hours and convert it to days it would be 0.666625 but we are rounding it off to display as 0.667 Days.
*If you add +0.333 day(s) to make it a full day (0.333+0.667=1), it only accounts for 2.664 hours. If we add 2.664 hours + 5.333 hours = 7.997 hours
, not the full 8 hours. To resolve this just had 0.003 hours to the user's balance and it will allow for a full day of time off OR add the time in hours instead of days and that will be more accurate.

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