Creating Time-Off Types

How do I create new Time-Off Types?

Time-Off Types are used to categorize the different reasons why your employees are requesting time off.
Time-Off Type examples can be VacationPTOPersonal DaySick DayBereavementFMLA, etc.
The system allows you to create as many time-off types as you need.

Here's how to create a new Time-Off Type:

  1. Select the Time-Off Module
  2. Select Settings
  3. Time-Off Types
You can add a Deductible or a Non-Deductible Time-Off Type. *Please see below for the descriptions of those types. 
  1. Add New
  2. Provide a Name 
  3. Choose the Color Reference
  4. Deduct hours from a bank?
If this option is Green the time will be deducted from the users' bank when requested. 
  1. Select which time-off type you want to deduct from.
Generally, a time-off type will deduct time from itself, but you still have the option to deduct from another time-off type.
  1. Choose the Request Type.
If you select any of the options and it includes Partial Days you can decide the increments of that request. 
  1. Choose if you want users to have the ability to comment on a request. 
Yes - Optional: Comment box will be available, but leaving a comment is optional.
Yes - Required: Comment box will be available, and a comment is required by the user.
Not Available: User will not have the option to leave a comment.
  1. Once completed, select Create
Please Note: The Minimum Days Prior, counts calendar days and not only working days. 
Looking for further information? Simply hover over all blue question marks.
Deductible time-off types are time-off types that you can assign to a user, with a yearly allowance and a balance. When requests are made with this time-off type, hours or days are deducted from the user's bank, so they are limited to the number of requests they can submit per year.
Non-deductible time-off types are time-off types which are not associated with a yearly allowance and balance. In other words, if enabled, users will be able to create unlimited time-off requests with these time-off types.
Examples of non-deductible time-off types could be: Appointment, Jury Duty, Working Out-Of-Office, Leave Without Pay
Wonder how to apply this Time-Off Type to a user? Simply follow this article
Keep in mind that if you are creating a Deductible Time-Off Type it has to be assigned to a user with an allowance and a balance or within a policy. If this step is missed the user will not have the Time-Off Type in their option when requesting time off. 
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