Last Update: February 25, 2019 9:15 AM


PurelyHR offers flexible pricing, with various payment methods. 

What is included in the price:

  • Support for all products through email as well as phone
  • Maintenance
  • Reference material to share with your team
  • Complimentary onboarding - upon upgrade. We offer onboarding session to get your account up and running simply email to book your spot! 

How to choose a pricing package:

PurelyHR's pricing is based on the number of active users using each specific product. As your company grows, your package will adjust accordingly.
Administrators do not count towards the user count.

Discounts available:

We do have options for discounts that you can take advantage of.
  • 15% discount for Non-Profit organizations
  • 10% discount on a Yearly subscription
  • If applicable, both discounts can be combined
We are able to provide a written quote if required.  Please contact us by email at!
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