Last Update: September 16, 2021 1:40 PM

Special Event Dates

What are Special Event dates? 

Special Event Dates can be added to your company calendar to inform staff of important upcoming events.
These events could be staff parties, office closures, annual meetings, etc..  
You are able to determine if users are able to request the date off, request the date off with a warning, or if requests are prevented.

Can I make my event span for several days?

You are able to determine if the special event is a whole day or multi-day event when creating the event

Do the events have to be assigned to everyone in the account?

The events can be assigned to multiple offices or individual offices as needed. 

To create a Special Event Date, go to:

  1. Time-Off Module
  2. Settings
  3. Special Event Dates
  4. Add Special Event Date
  5. Name Event
  6. Specify if requests on this date are Allowed, Allowed with Warning or Not Allowed
  7. Specify if the event is a Single Day or Multi-Day event
  8. Choose the date(s) of event
  9. Select an image from the image gallery
  10. Choose the offices this event applies to
  11. Create
  12. Repeat as required for any other special events!
To add Paid Holidays please refer to this article: Paid Holidays
By default, only Administrators can add Special Event Dates.  
No bulk import option for multiple special events to be added all at the same time 
Managers can be allowed access in Time-Off by clicking Account Settings-> General Tab-> Special Events Dates
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