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General Calendar Settings

How can I change some of my General Calendar settings?

Below is a list of some of the different calendar settings options.

Here's how to access your Calendar Settings

  1. Time-Off Module
  2. Account Settings
  3. Calendar

Other User's Request View

In some cases, users can view other user's time-off requests in their calendar.
By default, users can only see minimal information about these time-off requests, including the employee's name and the date, time, type of the time-off request.
The following option is to either hide or show the type of the time-off request.

Calendar First Day Of The Week

Select the day of the week the calendar should start on for all the calendars in Time-Off.

Calendar First Hour Of The Day

Select what hour you want the day to start at when viewing the calendar.
This will only apply when using the day view or week view on the home page calendar.

Show Birthdays on Calendar

Select if you want to show your users' birthdays on the calendar.
This will appear as a "Birthday Cake" icon on the calendar and when hovering over it it will show the employee name. 

Show Comments on Mouse-over in Calendar

By enabling this option, the system will display comments in chat bubbles upon moving the mouse over time-off requests located on the calendar.
Chat bubbles will only be displayed if the user who is logged-in has the rights to see the comments.

Show Paid Holidays for All Offices

By enabling this option, paid holidays for ALL User Offices will be displayed in the calendar, regardless of which office is assigned to the user.
If users should see only the paid holidays assigned to their office, then set this option to NO.

Show Week Numbers on Calendar

By enabling this option, the week number will be displayed on the calendar page.
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