Last Update: February 25, 2019 9:42 AM

User Profile - Employment Tab

What information can be saved in the Employment Tab?

Job Title, Employee ID, Hired Date, & Termination Date
An employee would need to be inactivated or soon the be inactivated to have the Termination Date
User Type, Department & Office
These can also be assigned in bulk
Performance Manager, Performance Review Month & Performance Review Day
If these fields are complete, a Reminder can be set up for the Performance Review

To update this information for a user, go to:

  1. Staff Module
  2. Staff Directory
  3. Select User
  4. Employment Tab
  5. Edit (green pencil)
  6. Input Information
  7. Save (green check mark)
All of the above information can be added as optional columns when using the Import/Update from a CSV file function
Managers and Employees can have access to view and/or modify this information. Staff Module-> Account Settings.


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