Last Update: February 26, 2019 7:41 AM

Change Username

Can I change my username at any time?

Yes, once you're logged in, you can change your username from the Staff Module. 
If you receive a Username Taken error, this is because a username can only exist once in the account so choose another username.  
If the username belongs to an inactive employee, log into the inactive account and change the username. This will allow you to assign the username to a new account.

Here's how to change the username:

  1. Staff Module
  2. Account tab
  3. Edit (Green pencil)
  4. Input new username
  5. Save (Green check mark)
For Managers and Administrators, the steps are the same except you choose the Employee in question from the Staff Directory. 
Also, for Administrators, a bulk update can be done by updating users from CSV and adding the NewUsername column. 
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