General Account Settings

Where can I change my general settings for our company?

Many of the general settings can be set in Time-Off by selecting Account Settings and the General tab.
Setting Description
Account Language Set the language for emails and system log entries (English, French or Spanish) (default is English)
Calendar Year Setting Set the month that your Calendar starts on (default in January) 
Hours Setting Set the default number of hours in a day (Default is 8 - individual users hour settings can be set in their User Profile)
Balance/Allowance Display Setting Set if you'd like to view Balances/Allowances in Days, Hours or a combination of the two (Default is hours)
Display Date Settings Set how you'd like your dates to show (Default is mm/dd/yyyy)
Time Display Set if you'd like Standard time or Military time to show on your account (Default is Standard Time)
Timezone Set which timezone you would like for your global account  (Users can set their own personal timezone in their own account)
Digits Display Set if you'd like to hide zeros after the decimal point or show, ie 4 days vs 4.000 days


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