Last Update: February 28, 2019 2:05 PM

Time-Off Account Setup Checklist

Where do I see the Account Setup Checklist?

In Time-Off, above the Calendar, you will see a link to the Account Setup Checklist
If you've selected Hide Permanently, you will no longer see this checklist on the calendar but it will still be available under Help-> Account Setup Checklist

Here's the checklist:

Review your Time-Off Types

Time-off Types are used to categorize the different reasons why your employees/managers are requesting some time off.

Review your Time-Off Policies

Time-Off Policies are templates which contain a group of time-off types, each with their individual settings, which can then be applied to users for a quick implementation.

Review your Length of Service Accruals

Length of Service Accruals are used to automatically increase your users' allowance/balance once they have reached a certain number of months of service within your company

Review your Account Settings 

Account Settings are settings that are used in Time-Off in various situations.  After you've updated the General settings, we recommend going through each tab and updated the various options.
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