Last Update: February 26, 2019 8:16 AM

Staff Setup Checklist

Where do I see the Setup Checklist?

In Staff, at the top of the left navigation pane, you will see a link to the Setup Checklist 
If you've selected Permanently Hide the Checklist, you will no longer see this checklist

Here's the checklist:

Create your departments

Departments can be set up and assigned to match the structure of your company

Create your offices

If your company has employees in more than one office, you can create offices within the system to classify them

Provide your paid holidays

Paid holidays can be assigned individually to different offices, which is useful if your offices are spread across different countries or states/provinces

Set your default module access

Make sure every user has access to the right modules by default

Create your users

Create your users individually by selecting "Create User", or use the Import Users feature to create multiple users at once

Review your account settings

Make sure you have the correct profile view/edit settings for your employees and managers
Once the modules are all configured and setup, send the Welcome Email to allow your users to access their account
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