Last Update: June 26, 2020 12:42 PM

Time-Sheet Setup Checklist

When you access Time-Sheet™ for the first time, the account setup checklist will appear to guide you through setting up the module. It will stay in the menu until you click the Roll out to your staff button at the bottom. 

Once rolled out, your employees will see the module icon at the top of their screens the next time they sign in. They will not receive an email notification.
Review account settings: Set account settings for timesheets, reports, and notifications for the module.
Review business settings: Set your workday hours and probation period. Workday hours will also inform the number of hours tracked for Paid Holidays.
Set up overtime rules: Choose when overtime should apply based on either daily or weekly work hours.
Set up timesheet periods: We recommend matching timesheets to your pay period, however this can be customized based on when your work hours are calculated (ex: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly).
Set up custom periods: If your timesheet period falls outside of the options available (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly), create custom periods to reflect your unique timesheet period. We recommend creating custom periods for a year at a time.
Set up timesheet approval: Determine how timesheets should be approved and by who.

Auto-Approve: All timesheets will be approved automatically when submitted.
Any Manager:
Any manager who directly manages the employee can approve their timesheet. Only one approval is required (even if the employee has multiple managers). 
X out of Y Managers:
Choose how many of an employee’s direct managers must approve their timesheet. Managers can approve in any order.
Sequenced: Managers must approve in a specific order.

Advanced Format Settings 

These will only appear when Advanced is selected from Settings -> Timesheet Format

Set up default modules: Create modules to categorize the types of work being done on a project

Set up task statuses: Create status labels to track your tasks’ progress

Set up task priorities: Create colour-coded priorities to organize tasks

Set up clients: Add clients to track billable and non-billable hours for projects  

Set up projects: Create projects for clients

Set up tasks: Create tasks within a project, assign project team members, and track their progress

When you have completed all of the setup tasks and are ready to give your staff access to the module, click Roll out to your staff. Next time they sign in to PurelyHR, they will see the Time-Sheet™ module icon at the top of their screen and will be able to start tracking time.

To manage who can access Time-Sheet™, go to the Staff™ module then Module Access in the Settings menu on the left.
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