View Your Allowance and Balance

View Your Allowance and Balance

How can I see what my Allowance and Balance is?

You can easily view your Allowance and Balance within the Time-Off module.


  • From the Time-off Module:
  1. Your Details
  2. Time-Off Summary
  3. Default view is Current year, however, you can choose previous years in the drop down
  4. Depending on your account's options, you may see several different columns:
  • Allowance - Number of hours/days allocated each calendar year
  • Balance - Number of hours/days that have not yet been used (Pending hours having been removed from this number)
  • Allotment - Number of hours/days you started the year with (excluding carry-over hours)
  • Carry-Over - Number of hours/days that were carried over from previous year
  • Adjustment - Number of hours/days that were manually added or subtracted
  • CBS (Current Balance Standing) - current balance according to number of hours/days taken
  • Est YE Bal (Estimated Year End Balance) - Number of hours/days that will be available if no new requests are made
  • Balance to Date - Current balance without taking into account pending and approved future requests
  • Accrued Balance - Amount of time accrued from balance accruals


Hints & Tips 

Managers are able to see the Time-off Summary for their direct reports and Admins are able to see all users Time-off Summaries


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