Last Update: February 25, 2019 2:04 PM

Job Codes

Am I able to clock in and out with specific Job Codes?  

Job Codes are used to distinguish between the type of punches you are using within Time-Clock.
Keep in mind when punching out if a different Job Code is selected it will overwrite the Job Code selected when punching in. 

Here's how to record your Job Codes:

  1. After logging in to your PurelyHR account
  2. Select your Time-Clock Module
  3. Dashboard
  4. From there you can Start ShiftStart Break (Optional) or Lunch (Optional) and End Shift.
  5. Select the Job Codes
  6. Select Punch In/Out

If Job Codes is not an option when punching in or out it's because the Administrator did not set Job Codes on the account.
Administrator: To set Job Codes go to Job Codes-> Enable/Disable Job Codes or Create new Job Codes. 
Creating a generic job code (e.g. "General Time") will allow your employees to record work for non-specific tasks.

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