Last Update: February 25, 2019 1:44 PM

Time-Off Requests - Settings

Where can I change who is emailed when actions are performed on a request?

Email notification settings can easily be updated within the Time-Off Module.

While logged in as Admin, follow these steps:

  1. Time-Off Module
  2. Account Settings
  3. Time-Off Request tab
  4. Update your options
    • Time-Off Request Email Notifications - Set who is notified when an action is performed on a request.
    • Only Schedule Days/Skip Holidays - When users create a multi-day request, set whether or not weekends or holidays count towards the number of days requested.
    • Exclude Lunch Time - decide if users are able to deduct lunch from partial day requests
    • Paid Holiday Requests - set whether a user is alerted or blocked from submitting a request on a paid holiday.
    • Additional Alert Notice - provide extra notice that users receive when they are prevented from making a request.
    • iCalendar email attachments - decide whether to include an iCal file in notification emails.
    • Quick Links in Emails - decide which links are included in emails for managers to action requests
    • Show Balances - decide if Balances show in Emails and/or in Request Dialog
    • Include Names in Email Subjects - decide whether to include request owner name in email subject
    • Allow Users to Add Comments - set if users are able to add comments at any given time
    • Approval Path within Email - if using Approval Path, set if the path is shown in the email
  5. Save Changes
Specific settings for Managers and Employees can also be reviewed!
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