Last Update: February 25, 2019 2:16 PM

User Audit Trail

Where can I view the changes that have occurred to a user's balance?

In Time-Off, you are able to view (and print) the Audit Trail showing all the changes that have been made to the user's balance.  
This includes the time that was deducted for time off, accruals, manual additions or deductions, etc...

While logged in as Admin, follow these steps:

  1. Time-Off Module
  2. Manage Users
  3. User List
  4. Select User
  5. Edit User Settings
  6. Balance tab (There is also an Audit Trail available for the Allowance tab)
  7. View Audit Trail
  8. The calendar year can be selected from this screen, and the Audit Trail can be printed

The Audit Trail can also be found in the Time-Off Summary Report. 

  1. Time-Off Module
  2. Reports
  3. Time-Off Summary
  4. Select the User in question
  5. View Audit Trail
Clicking on the pencil icons in the Time-Off Info column will bring up the Time-Off Request Information page
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