Last Update: February 26, 2019 1:52 PM

Business Settings

Business settings can be created to match your company policy.

These settings affect how your employees hours are calculated in reports.
Business settings can be created for the whole account, individual departments, or individual users.
Department settings take precedence over account settings.
User settings take precedence over department settings.

Here's how to set your Business settings:

  1. Time-Clock Module
  2. Business Settings
  3. Account, Department or Users. 
  4. Create
  5. Select how many hours your employees are expected to work in a full day, excluding lunches and deductions. 
  6. If your employees go through a probation period, set a duration.  
Employees who are still on probation, based on their hired date, will not be credited in the reports for any paid holidays.
  1. Enable Auto-deduction if you always deduct a preset amount from your employees daily shifts, e.g. for a lunch hour.
  2. Save
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