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Uploading Documents

We would like to upload documents for everyone in the account as well as user-specific documents, can this be done?

Both Shared (Account Documents) and Private (User Documents) can easily be uploaded by the Admin within the Staff module.
Managers are only able to upload User Documents.

Also, when creating an Account Document you can have different privacy settings, Admins Only, Admins & Managers or Admins, Managers & Employees and you can also add those documents to only specific Departments and/or Offices.

To set those privacies simply select "Create Folder" and then upload the document. 

Here's how to upload Account Documents:

  1. Staff Module
  2. Documents on the left navigation pane
  3. Upload Documents
  4. Add Title, Description and decide if the document requires a signature or not.
  5. Upload
The default "Account Documents" folder is viewable by all users

Here's how to upload User Documents:

By default, a User Document is viewable by the user and the Admin(s). You are able to give access to the Manager(s) by simply turning the option on when uploading the document.
  1. Staff Module
  2. Staff Directory 
  3. Select User
  4. Documents tab
  5. User Documents
  6. Upload Document
  7. Add Title and Description
  8. Choose the document
  9. Open
  10. Require Signature (Optional)   
Uploaded documents must have one of the following extensions: .doc, .txt, .xls, .ppt, .pdf.  All documents can be downloaded as a PDF format afterward. 
Accounts have 500 MB of storage space.  Additional storage space can be added to your subscription.
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