Last Update: February 25, 2019 12:02 PM

Time-Sheet Report Settings

What can I customize when it comes to reports on Timesheet?   

There are multiple options when it comes to customizing your Timesheet report. 

Here are your options:

  1. Time-Sheet Module
  2. Account Settings 
  3. Report

Show time-off in reports

Enable this option if your employees use the Time-Off module, and you wish to display their time-off data within your Time-Sheet reports.
Make sure to set the Paid For value to Yes in Time-Off for the time-off types which should be counted in Time-Sheet's reports.

Show holidays in reports

By Enabling this option Paid holidays will be added to the report totals. If you set a probation period, the paid holidays will only be added to the totals if the employees are no longer on probation.

Overtime calculation

Paid time-off and/or holidays will be taken into consideration when calculating overtime in reports.

  • None
  • Only Paid Time-Off
  • Only Paid Holidays
  • Include Paid Time-Off & Holidays

Expected work hours calculations

You can choose to calculate the employees' daily expected work hours from their schedules, or from their Workday Hours business setting.

  • From the schedules
  • From the Workday Hours setting
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