How to login with the Welcome email?

When will I receive a Welcome email? 

Upon creation of your profile, the Administrator of the account will send a Welcome Email to give you access to the system. This email expires 30 days after it's received
This email can also be sent by the Administrator or by the PurelyHR support team if you don't remember your login information. To reach the support team simply send an email to
Unable to log in? Please follow this article

Here's how to set your new password from the Welcome email:

  1. Select the link "SET PASSWORD NOW". 
  2. After selecting the link it will redirect you to the screen below, you will need to create and confirm your new password. 
  3. Select "Update"

  1. After this is done close the window. 

  1. From there you will be able to enter your CompanyID, your Username and the new password you previously created. (The CompanyID and Username can be found in the Welcome email) 
  2. Sign In
Those are the same steps to follow when the link "Forgot USERNAME or PASSWORD" is selected from the login page.

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