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Administrator Settings

How can I change my Administrators Settings? 

There are options that can be changed when it comes to Administrator Settings.  
  1. Notifications Emails Settings
  2. System Notifications Emails
  3. Restrictions
  4. Report Only 

Here's how to modify your Administrators Settings:

  1. Time-Off 
  2. Manage Users
  3. Administrators
  4. Edit User Settings

Notifications Emails Settings

Every time certain event occurs (ie. new pending time-off requests), the system sends emails to the employees, managers, and administrators to notify them. You can manage how these emails will be sent from employees and managers, separately. 
For each user role (employee, manager), you can decide if you would like to receive all, none, or only emails from users in specific departments.

System Notification Emails

Select which email notifications you would like to receive from the system. This includes the Time-Off renewal and all reminders


Restrictions can be applied to administrators to prevent them from managing all users in your company. You can restrict them from only managing users from specific offices and department. By default, administrators can manage users from any offices or department. If you want to limit this administrator to specific offices or department, check off the offices and department you want to allow the administrator access to.

Report Only

If the administrator should only have access to run reports, then set the option below to "Yes".
Please note that by setting this option to "Yes", this administrator will not be able to perform any tasks outside of running reports. The only menu options that will be available to this administrator will be Reports.
Only the main administrator can edit the information of other administrators
Here's a helpful article: Edit User Settings
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