Last Update: February 27, 2019 8:48 AM

Termination Process

How can I modify my Termination Process to my needs? 

PurelyHR offers administrators a guided process for terminating employees.
The available Termination Types (e.g. "fired", "lay-off", etc.) and Termination Reasons (e.g. "attendance", "rudeness to employee", etc.) can be edited.
You have access to a customizable checklist for keeping track of all completed steps for each termination.

Here's how to access your Termination Settings:

  1. Select Staff
  2. Termination Process 
  3. Add or Edit your Termination Checklist
  4. Do the same for Termination Types and Termination Reason
Termination Checklist is simply a checklist for the Administrator to go through to make sure nothing is forgotten. 
Termination Types are commonly used to track the nature of historical terminations, e.g., in the event that a previously terminated employee reapplies to the same company.
Termination Reason most employers won't terminate an employee without any causes. Most termination happens for a reason, good or bad.
When the Termination Process is completed than an employee can be terminated throughout the process. 
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