Last Update: February 28, 2019 1:04 PM

Company Values

Create and manage all the values your company abides by, which can be supported by your staff.

Company values are a great way to engage your staff and make sure they are aware of the values the company abides by.

Here's how to create a new Company Value:

  1. Staff
  2. Company Values
  3. Create
  4. Type in the name and the description 
  5. Choose the icon
  6. Save

Here's how to import Company Values from our pre-defined list:

  1. Staff
  2. Company Values
  3. Import
  4. Select the Company Values 
  5. Save

Here's how to assign Company Values to a user:

  1. Staff
  2. Staff Directory
  3. Select the user in question
  4. Company Values
  5. Add Value
  6. Select the Company Value 
  7. Save
Here's the Skills article. 
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