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Create a Performance Review Template

Performance review templates can be tailored to how your organization conducts reviews. For example, if you review all of your employees using the same questions, you will only need 1 template. If you would like to review according to department or offices, create different templates for each.
  1. From the Settings menu, select Performance Reviews and click the Templates tab
  2. Click New Template 
  3. Name your template. For example, this can be based on departments or office locations who will be using this template (ie: Customer Service, Head Office, Sales, etc.)
  4. Under Options, select the sections you would like to include in the template. 
Note: The information displayed will depend on the date range selected when creating a new performance review. It will also depend on the modules your organization is subscribed to (for example, if you do not use Time-Off™, attendance will not be included in the template, even if selected here). 
  • Goals: All goals in progress or completed. 

  • Feedback: Feedback submitted by the employee, their manager(s), and/or their peers.

  • Skills: Any skills entered or modified within Staff™.

  • Notes: Any notes added within Staff™. Depending on viewing restrictions,  some notes may be excluded (for example, if a manager has added a note they don’t want the employee to see, it will not be visible to the employee in the review template). 

  • Attendance: Includes any leave recorded in Time-Off™.  

  • Warning: All warnings issued to an employee (both accepted and declined). 

  1. Choose if the review will require a signature from the employee. If required, the review will only be marked complete when the employee signs it.
  2. Click Continue
Now, it’s time to add questions to your template.
  1. Beside the template name, select the pencil icon
  2. Click Add Question
  3. From the dropdown, select a Competency to display all of the questions associated with that competency
  4. From the following dropdown, select the question you would like to add to your template
  5. Repeat for all questions
Note: You can preview your template at any time by selecting "Preview Template"
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