Last Update: August 21, 2019 10:22 AM

Create a New Performance Review

To start the performance review process:
  1. Select Performance Reviews from the main menu then click Create Review
  2. Select the employee you would like to review
  3. If you would like employees to review themselves, enable the Self-Review option. Once they have completed the review questionnaire, employee comments will be shared with their manager(s). Managers are then able to provide their own comments.
  4. Select a due date. This will determine when reminder emails are sent.
  5. Select the Review Date Range. This is the period of time you want to review. Depending on the template and the modules you subscribe to, this date range will also determine what information is pulled from other modules. For example, if you select the past 6 months, all notes, warnings, and time off for that period of time will be included in the review.
  6. Select a template. Templates can be customized based on your organization (for example, organized by departments, offices, or teams).
Note: Only administrators have permission to create templates.
  1. Start Review. 
The employee will be able to access the review from the Staff™module under My Reviews after completion.
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