Last Update: January 17, 2020 10:49 AM

Feedback Sharing Options

Feedback has different sharing restrictions for each type.  Every time you create new feedback, you will choose who you will share it with. Upon creation of the Feedback, the creator will be able to determine who the feedback will be shared with.  


  • Private (Only you) 
  • Managers (You + your manager[s]) 


  • Private (Only that peer) 
  • Managers (Only peer’s manager) 
  • Person + Managers (Peer + their manager[s]) 
  • Team (Everyone in peer's department)

Manager to Employee:

  • Private (Only the employee) 
  • Managers (You and any other manager[s] assigned to that employee) 
  • Person + Managers (Employee + their manager[s])

Employee to Manager: 

  • Private (Only the manager) 
  • Managers (Any managers assigned to this user) 
  • Person + Managers (Employee + their manager[s])
Depending on your organization’s account settings, you may not have access to all feedback types.
Note: Account administrators can see all feedback created, regardless of viewing restrictions. 
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