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Administrator Profile

Wondering how to change a user or a manager to an Administrator or Vice Versa? 

Oftentimes, an Administrator will need either an Employee or a Manager profile in addition to their Administrator login, especially if the Administrator needs to track their own information like Time-Off Requests, Personal information, etc...
Having said that, unfortunately, you do not have the option to change the role of a user or a manager to be one of an Administrator. We understand that it could be confusing having two separate profiles but, unfortunately, it is not possible to be an Administrator and an Employee or a Manager on the same login credentials. 

Here are some of the reasons why it is important to have two separate profile when it comes to being an Administrator. 

An Administrator:
  1. will have a different navigation menu with multiple settings that no one else has access to. 
  2. cannot enter a Time-Off request, fill out Timesheet/Timecards, etc.. for themselves (unless they have the second login)
  3. cannot be assigned to specific users when it comes to any approval paths
  4. will overwrite any approval path when requesting a request on behalf of a user (the request will auto-approve)
  5. will not count toward your number of users for billing, meaning you can have as many Administrators as you'd like and they are free of charge.

If you have an Administrator profile and need to create yourself a user profile here are the steps: 

Keep in mind that all the information can be the same as your Administrator profile except the username, it will need to be different. 
  1. Go to the Staff Module
  2. Select Create User on the top right of your screen
  3. Make sure to choose the role Employee or Manager and fill out all the required information. 
  4. Save
Here's a great video that will explain how to properly add a user using the Time-Off module. PurelyHR How to Create a User when Using Time-Off 
The same steps are used if you have an Employee or a Manager that need to be an Administrator except you will have to choose the role "Administrator". 
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