Last Update: January 17, 2020 1:15 PM

Creating 360 Degree Feedback

Feedback can be a helpful tool for reflecting on performance by highlighting strengths or areas that need improvement. By providing feedback, you provide insight to empower your peers, managers, and yourself to make changes and improvements.

Managers and employees have the option to create the following types of feedback:
  • Self
  • Manager/Employee
  • Peer (employees in the same department as you) 

To create new feedback:

  1. Under Main Menu, go to 360 Degree Feedback in the Performance™ module.  For employees, this will be found in the Staff™ module.
  2. Click Create Feedback. Choose Self, Peer, or Manager/Employee. 
  3. Select who the feedback is about.
  4. Choose who it should be shared withNote: Administrators will see all feedback submitted.
  5. Choose if feedback should remain anonymous
    Account administrators can choose to reveal the identity of anyone who has submitted feedback anonymously. When this happens, both the administrator and the person who created the feedback will be notified by email. The feedback will remain anonymous to the person the feedback is about.
  6. Answer questions. All fields are mandatory, however, if they do not apply, simply type "N/A."
  7. When finished, click Create.
An email notification will be sent based on who the feedback has been shared with. 
Depending on your organization’s account settings, you may not have access to all feedback types and the questions may vary between different types of feedback.
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