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Creating and Tracking Goals

Creating goals is a good way to keep track of your accomplishments and progress throughout the year. The following instructions are for Employee users. 

Create and Track Goals

  1. Select the Staff module on the top left of your screen
  2. Select My Goals on the left side menu
  3. Select Create Goal
  4. Name your goal (ex: Complete Digital Marketing Course) 
  5. Create a description. This could include what needs to be done to complete this goal (ex: This needs to be completed by Q2 and proof needs to be sent by email to my manager).
  6.  Select a due date
  7. Click Add Goal 

Once added, an email may be sent to your manager(s) depending on your company's account settings.

You can track multiple goals at a time. Your manager(s) and account administrator(s) can also create goals on your behalf and assign them to you.

How to Keep Track of your Goal Progress

  1.  For employees from the Staff module under My Goals, select the edit icon (pencil) beside the goal you want to modify. For Managers, goals will be in the Performance module under Goals. To view, your own Goals change the selection from "My Team" to "Personal".
  2. At the bottom, move the progress bar to the desired percentage
  3. Click Save


How to Send a Progress Update to your Manager

  1. From My Goals, select the Send Status Report icon
  2. Enter a description of your progress. This will save your description as a comment that your manager can view.

When you add a comment, your manager(s) may receive an email update depending on your company's account settings.

How to View Comments

  1. From the Staff module under My Goals, select the View Comments icon beside the goal you want to view
  2. This will display all of the comments and progress updates sent to your manager(s) along with the date and time they were sent. 
Depending on your account settings, Goals may be included in your performance reviews. If so, all goals due during the selected review date range will be included.
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