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Completing a Self-Review

Self-reviews give you the opportunity to reflect on your progress and performance and share your thoughts with your manager.
You will receive an email when your manager or administrator wants you to complete a self-review. Your self-review will also be available from Staff™ --> My Reviews.

Here's how to access your self-review from the email:

  1. Select Log in to PurelyHR
  2. Sign in to PurelyHR
  3. Go to the Staff module
  4. Select My Reviews from the lefthand menu

This screen will list both current and past reviews. Next to the review you would like to fill out, select the Edit (pencil) icon to start the review.

Filling Out your Self-Review

Self-reviews are comprised of a questionnaire and a number of optional sections. Depending on your account settings, you may only see the mandatory Introduction, Questionnaire, and Conclusion.

Here is a complete list of sections that can be included in a self-review:


Introduces you to the self-review process. The review's due date is confirmed on this screen. To begin the review, select Save & Continue

Goals (optional) 

Displays all goals finished or with a due date within the review period set by your manager. You can comment on these goals then select Save & Continue.

Skills (optional) 

Lists all skills that have been added to your profile in Staff and changes to their progress. You can comment on your skills development then select Save & Continue.

Feedback (optional) 

Lists all 360 Degree Feedback shared with you during the review period (self, peer, and/or manager feedback). You can comment on this feedback then select Save & Continue

Notes (optional) 

Shows all notes added to your profile in Staff™ during the review period. Only notes that have been shared with you will be displayed. You can comment on these notes then select Save & Continue

Attendance (optional) 

If your company uses Time-Off™ to track vacation and other leave, a summary of your time-off taken within the review period will display here. You can comment on your attendance then select Save & Continue

Warnings (optional) 

If your company uses Warnings™ to track infractions, this section will show all warnings that were created for you during the review period (both accepted and declined). You can comment on your warnings then select Save & Continue


A list of questions set by your account administrator and the main event for your self-review. If the question is mandatory, there will be an asterisk (*) beside it. When you've answered all of the questions, select Save and Continue


You have the option to provide a comment on your overall progress. Your next review date will also display here. When you're done, select Finalize. Note: Once you finalize your review, you can no longer make changes.

An email will be sent to your manager letting them know you have completed your self-review. They will then have the opportunity to review and provide comments on each section you just completed.


If the review requires your signature, you will receive an email once your manager has finished reviewing your self-review.

To sign your review:

  1. Sign in and go to My Reviews in Staff
  2. Next to the review with Awaiting Signature under Status, click the View icon on the far right
  3. From the review Summary page, select the red pencil icon underneath Employee Signature
  4. Enter your name and click Save

You have now completed your self-review!

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