Last Update: September 14, 2020 9:41 AM

Onboarding a New Employee

To start the onboarding process, go to Onboarding in the Main Menu and select the Onboard New Employee button:

1. Select the employee you want to onboard. The employee must be added to your account to begin the onboarding. If you have not already added them to Staff™ (see here for instructions on how to create a user), click the gear icon next to the dropdown menu and fill in the mandatory fields in blue.

2. The start date will auto-populate based on the hired date entered when creating the user. If their start date is Select the time they should start on their first day.

3. Provide an email address where the onboarding welcome email should be sent. This can be the employee's personal email if they do not have access to their company email yet.

4. Choose the onboarding template. Click the gear icon to create a new onboarding template.

5. If turned on, the PurelyHR Access option will automatically grant the new hire access to PurelyHR on their start date. 

Review and Confirm

Review the employee's informationonboarding plan, and preview the onboarding email.

If you have included tasks that require user-specific documents in your onboarding template (such as offer letters or employment contracts), this is where you will attach the document to the task. You will see a red exclamation mark beside the tasks requiring a document upload. You can select a document previously uploaded to their User Profile or upload a document from your computer.

Select Confirm to finalize the onboarding process. Your new hire will receive an email where they can start their onboarding tasks and task owners will receive an email notification that a task has been assigned to them.

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