Last Update: May 12, 2020 7:25 AM

How to complete your onboarding task list

Onboarding tasks are created by your hiring manager or PurelyHR account administrator to help you complete required administrative and human resource tasks as you get ready to join their team.
When the onboarding process is started, you will receive an email. Click Get Started.
1. Create a password

Make note of this password because this is the one you will use to login to PurelyHR when you are given access by your account administrator (usually on your start date). 

2. When & Where: You will see the following key information: the date and time of your first day, office location, a contact person if you have any questions about the onboarding process, and any other instructions you need to know. 
3. New Employee Info: You will be asked to provide personal/contact information. All fields in blue are required. 
4. Tasks to Complete: Your onboarding tasks will be listed here. There are 4 types of tasks that could be included:

Document to sign

A Sign Now icon will indicate documents that require a signature. Download the document attached to the task. When you've read it, click the green icon next to the document to acknowledge you have reviewed it by typing your name in the signature box. 

Document to read

Download the document and then select the checkbox beside the task to confirm that it was read. 

Document to fill out

Download the document, fill it out, and then upload the completed document by selecting Upload Completed Document


Tasks with no documents require you to select the checkbox on the left to confirm the task has been completed. 

Access to PurelyHR

Once all tasks are completed, you will return to a screen with information about your first day, contact person, other instructions, resources, and information about how to log in to PurelyHR. This includes your company ID, username, and login URL.
You will only be able to log in to PurelyHR if your company administrator has already granted you access. 
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