Last Update: June 25, 2020 8:32 AM

How to Set Up Advanced Timesheets

Time-Sheet™ has 3 timesheet formats: simple, detailed, and advanced.

Advanced lets you track time against specific clients, projects, and tasks, enter multiple time entries in a day, and track billable and non-billable hours.

To Select Advanced Timesheets

From the Time-Sheet™ settings menu on the left, select Timesheet Format. You can apply advanced timesheets to the entire account, a specific department, or select users.

Department settings override account settings. User settings override department settings and account settings.

Account: To apply to all users with access to the module, click Edit Account Setting and select Advanced from the dropdown menu. You can change user access from Staff™ -> Module Access (in the Settings menu).  

Department: To apply a format to a specific department, click Create Department Setting. Choose the department, timesheet format, and whether you want employees to track lunch breaks.

User: To apply a format to a specific user, click Create User Setting. Choose the user then choose the timesheet format.

When advanced timesheets are applied to at least one user, the Advanced menu will appear in the left menu bar.

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