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Create a Project in Advanced Timesheets

Projects are assigned to clients and contain tasks that are assigned to your employees.

To create a project

  1. In the Advanced menu on the left, click Projects
  2. Click Create Project
  3. Choose the client associated with the project
  4. Name the project
  5. Provide an optional description
  6. Enable the Track Billable option if you will be tracking billable and non-billable hours
  7. Provide an optional start and end date
  8. Provide a custom identifier. This will be included when exporting from the Task Entries report.
  9. Hit Save

To modify project details, click the edit icon

To assign employees

Once created, you can then assign team members to the project. There are 2 types of users on a project team: Project Managers and Resources.

Project Managers can edit project tasks and modules.

Resources can enter time for project tasks. You can also allow resources to create and view tasks. See below for more details on project settings.

  1. Click on the Assign Users icon next to the project name
  2. To add a Project Manager, click Edit Managers. To add a Resource, click Edit Resources.
  3. Assign employees by clicking the checkbox beside their name then clicking Select

To review default modules for the project

Click the Modules tab from the project profile page. Turn off any default modules that don’t apply to this project. 

You can also create new modules specific to that project by clicking on Create Module. These modules will not appear in any other projects.

To review project settings

Click the Settings tab from the project profile page. Review project and task permissions to control what project resources have access to within the project.

NEXT STEP: Once you've created a project, create tasks within that project
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