Last Update: June 25, 2020 8:35 AM

How to Enter Time in Advanced Timesheets

Click on Timesheets from the main menu.

As an employee, you can either create your own timesheets by clicking Create Timesheet or administrators can turn on automatic timesheet creation from Account Settings. This will generate a timesheet for all users with access to the module at the start of every period.

If creating a timesheet manually

  1. Click the Create Timesheet button
  2. Choose a date to select the timesheet period
  3. Click Create

To enter time (all fields are mandatory)

  1. Click the Add Time button or the “+” that corresponds to the date for the time entry
  2. Choose the client, project, task, and module from the dropdown menu
  3. Enter the amount of time
  4. Provide a description of the task
  5. If time is billable, enable this option
  6. Click Save
To edit a time entry, scroll to the bottom of the timesheet details page. Click the edit icon next to the time entry.

Timer option

Use the timer to track a task. You can access the timer from the Dashboard or from the bar at the top of the screen. Hit the play button to start tracking and stop or pause when you’re done. Click the “+” to add time to a specific task. Follow the instructions above for entering time.

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