Last Update: June 25, 2020 8:43 AM

Reports in Advanced Timesheets

 Administrators and managers have access to 3 customizable reports:

  • Team Calendar: Shows total number of monthly hours for all employees/managers. Report can be filtered based on date, employee, department, or office.
  • Time Entries: Lists all users’ time entries. Report can be filtered based on date, user, task, module, project, or client.
  • Task Entries: Lists time entries plus additional task details including task start and end date and forecasted hours for that task.

Employees have access to 2 customizable reports:

  • Time Entries: Gives a visual breakdown of the time logged for each client, project, and task. Report can be filtered based on date range.
  • Task Entries: Lists all of the user’s time entries. Report can be filtered based on date, task, module, project, or client.
All reports can be exported to PDF or CSV formats. A printer-friendly format is available by clicking Print at the top of the screen.

Report Settings

To review your report settings, go to Account Settings in the left-hand menu then click the Report tab.

Show time-off in reports: If you use Time-Off™, enable this option to use data from that module in Time-Sheet™. Paid time-off will be included in report totals. Unpaid time-off will be displayed, but not added to the totals.

Show holidays in reports: If enabled, paid holidays will be included in report totals. Holiday hours are determined based on your workday hours set in Business Settings. If you set a probation period, paid holiday hours will not be added to employees still on probation.

Expected work hours calculations: From the dropdown menu, choose where the expected work hour calculation comes from—an employee’s schedule or from workday hours (set in Business Settings). 


Your advanced timesheets are now set up. If setting up Time-Sheet™ for the first time, make sure to review all of the items on the Time-Sheet™ Setup Checklist

When you’re ready to give users access to Time-Sheet™, click the Roll out to your staff button at the bottom of the account setup checklist. Next time they log in to PurelyHR, they will see the Time-Sheet™ module icon at the top of their screen.

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