Last Update: November 17, 2023 1:42 PM

User Profile Definition

Administrators have the authority to configure accounts across all modules, add or remove users, and override settings when necessary. However, they cannot monitor their own data using an admin profile. Admin profiles don't count toward the user, so can have as many admins on the account as needed. 
Main Administrators have the same abilties as an admin, the only difference is that the main admins have the ability to control what abilities the other admins can do. 
Managers are responsible for overseeing users within their team, approving incoming requests, and being able to view their own personal data and the data of the users they are managing based on the account setup by the administrators. Count towards the number of users on the account. 
Employees are limited to viewing their own profiles, submitting requests, and tracking their own requests. Count towards the number of users on the account.
**If an admin wants to track their own personal data, they'll need two profiles. One as an administrator and another one either as an employee or manager. 
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