Last Update: April 27, 2023 1:13 PM

Payment Information

Can I change my payment method at any time?  

YES, you can communicate with our team at or make the changes within your account by following these instructions.
Please note: If you have pending payments when updating your credit card information, these will still be processed.

Do you have any hidden fees?  

No, we do not.  Your subscription cost is only based on your plan. 

Do you have setup fees?

There are no setup fees.  Upon upgrade, we offer a complimentary account setup call. During this call, we’ll share our screens and make sure your account is set up exactly how you want.

Accepted Payment Types:

Payments in the following format will be accepted, 
Frequency Method    
Yearly Credit Card Cheque Wire Transfers
Quarterly   Cheque Wire Transfers
Monthly Credit Card

**ACH Payments are not supported.

Credit card payments will automatically be processed by the system on your billing date. After your payment is processed, your invoice will be sent to you and/or will be available from your Dashboard.
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