Last Update: November 8, 2019 7:33 AM

Modifying a User's Balance

Administrators can manually adjust a user’s balance. This can be used to add missing accruals or add or subtract time from their balance for any reason. 

Under the Staff Management menu in Time-Off™, select Manage Users then User List: 
  1. Beside the employee’s name, select the Edit User Settings icon to the far right
  2. Select the Balance tab at the top
  3. Beside the Time-Off Type you wish to adjust, select the Edit icon
  4. Modify the balance in hours or days
  5. Provide an optional message. We recommend including a message so there's a record of the adjustment in the audit trail.  
  6. Choose if you want to notify the user of the adjustment. This will include your message if one was provided.
  7. Save

If modifying a balance by a decimal value:

   - Include a number in front of the decimal. For example: 0.054 not .054

   - You need to calculate to the third decimal place. For example: 1.667 not 1.66666 or 1.7

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