Last Update: April 22, 2020 12:43 PM

Submitting a Time-Off Request

To submit a time-off request:
  1. Select Time-Off Request from the left-hand menu
  2. Select the type of request: Full, Partial, or Multi-Day
  3. Choose the Time-Off Type (ex: Vacation, Sick, Personal, etc.)
  4. Choose the date or date range for your request
  5. If requesting a partial day, choose the start and end time (including AM or PM)
  6. Select Submit Request
  7. If required, include a comment on the confirmation page
  8. Select Confirm Request

Managers will receive an email with the details of the request and will be able to approve or deny it. The request will appear with a red question mark beside it in the calendar until it has been approved by a manager. 

Employees will receive an email notification when their manager responds to their request.

Managers and administrators can submit time-off requests on behalf of employees by selecting Time-Off Request under the Manager menu in Time-Off™, selecting the employee, and following the steps above.
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