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Length of Services

Length of Service Accruals are used to automatically increase your users’ allowance/balance or change their policy once they have reached a certain number of months/years of serviceFor example, if an employee gets an extra week of vacation on their second anniversary of hire, you can use a Length of Service to automatically move that user from one policy to the next.

You can do this in 2 ways: Allowance Increase or Policy Change. We recommend the Policy Change method. If you would like to use the Allowance Increase method, please contact Customer Success at

Policy Change 

Once set up and applied to a user, the Policy Change automatically moves users from one time-off policy to another once they reach a certain number of months/years of service. To use this method, you must first create your time-off policies, if you haven’t already.

In the Time-Off Module, under Main Menu, select Settings then Length of Services:

  1. Under Policy Change, select Add New
  2. Select a name for your Length of Service Policy Change (ie: Vacation Policy Change)
  3. Select who should be notified when a user receives a Length of Service update: Manager, Administrator, and/or Employee
  4. Click Continue
  5. Select Add Policy to Apply
  6. Select Time-Off Policy to add to the Policy Change. The Time-Off Policies you’ve created will be available in the dropdown menu. 
  7. Enter the month of service the Policy Change should happen. For example, if your employees get an increase after 2 years, enter 24.
  8. Choose when the policy change should happen: Anniversary or Calendar Year Renewal
  9. Click Add

Repeat these steps until all of the Time-Off Policies you need are added to the Policy Change.

If your company gives additional paid time off at multiple years of services, you only need to create one Policy Change. If, for example, employees move from 10 to 15 days vacation after 2 years and then to 20 days after 5 years, you would add your "Vacation/PTO" time-off type twice within the Policy Change, each at their own month of service (ie: 24 months and 60 months).

How to Apply a Length of Service

Once a Policy Change is created, it will need to be assigned to users to take effect.

  1. From the main Length of Service screen, select the Apply to Users button
  2. Select users who should be assigned Length of Service Policy
  3. Select Apply Length of Service

Those users will now move between different time-off types, based on the months of service you specified in the Policy Change.

To view which Length of Service is applied to users, run the User Information Report and add the Length of Service Accrual column.
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