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What is Reminders? 

Reminders are emails that can be sent to users based on criteria entered into PurelyHR. 
You can specify who receives the emails as well as how many days prior for each reminder.

What is a Time-off Reminder?

These are sent to selected users to advise of upcoming time-off.  
As an example, you can send a reminder to an administrator 3 days prior to every approved time-off event. 

What is a Balance Reminder? 

You can send email reminders to all staff, informing them of their current balances, for all or some of their assigned time-off types.

What is a Holiday Reminder? 

These Reminders are sent to let users know of an upcoming Holiday.
(These correspond to Paid Holidays that are set up in Staff)

What is a Birthday Reminder? 

You can send email reminders to various individuals, at various numbers of days prior to a user's birthday. Reminders can be sent to the administrator(s), manager(s), employee(s), and even to external email addresses.
(Birthday must be input in the User Profile to use this reminder)

What is an Anniversary Reminder? 

This reminder is sent out to advise of a user's upcoming hire date anniversary. 

What is a Pending Requests Reminder?

These reminders are used to notify managers about upcoming time-off requests that still require an action (approval, cancellation or rejection). 

What is a Consecutive Days Reminder?

This reminder can be set up to advise of an upcoming request that spans multiple days.  
As an example, you can send a reminder to an administrator when an employee takes 3 consecutive sick days.

What is a Performance Review Reminder?

This reminder is sent to remind defined users of an upcoming Performance Review.  
(The Performance Review date needs to be set up in the User Profile)

To set up the above Reminders, go to:

  1. Time-Off Module
  2. Reminders
  3. Select Reminder Type
  4. Add New
  5. Input required information
Make sure any Reminders you would like to have sent are set to Active
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