Last Update: April 22, 2020 1:31 PM

Time-Off™ Account Settings

To review and set your general Time-Off™ account settings, select Account Settings in the lefthand menu

Each module has its own account settings. Select a module then click Account Settings in the lefthand menu to access settings.

Setting Description
Account Language Set the language for emails and system log entries: English, French or Spanish. Default: English
Calendar Year Setting Choose the month your calendar year starts. Default: January
Hours Setting

Set the number of hours in your workday. Default: 8 hours 

If certain employees work different hours, administrators can set their workday from their user settings.

To access user settings, go to Manage Users -> User List. Beside the employee’s name, select the edit icon, then go to the Options tab. Adjust Hours Setting according to employee's workday.

Balance/Allowance Display Setting

Display balances/allowances in days (1.50 days), hours (12.00 hours), or a combination (1d 4.00h). Default: Hours

Display Date Settings Select how dates will display. Default: mm/dd/yyyy
Time Display Select standard (4:00 pm) or military time (16:00). Default: Standard
Time Zone Set the time zone for your account. If users are in a different time zone, they can set their own time zone from their account settings.
Digits Display Set if you'd like to hide or show zeros after the decimal point (4.5 days vs 4.500 days).
Special Events Dates Choose who can manage special event dates: administrators only or administrators and managers. Default: Administrators only
Request Submission Emails Select default sender for time-off request emails: PurelyHR or the user submitting the request.
Announcement Email User Access Choose who has access to the Email Announcement feature: Administrators only, Admins + Managers, or Admins + Managers + Employees. Default: Administrators only
Work Week Proration Choose if you want to prorate a user’s balance based on their work week. For example: if a user only works 4 days, they will receive 80% of their balance rather than their full balance.
Balance Value Setting

Choose how you want a user’s balance to display in approval request emails. 

Usable balance: Current balance available to the user after requesting any time off (includes pending, past, and future requests)

Balance as of requested date, ignoring future requests: Balance available as of the requested date, not including any future requests

Year-End Estimated Balance: Shows the balance by year-end minus the requested time (most often used when you accrue time)

Estimated Month-End Balance: Shows the balance by the end of the month minus the requested time (most often used when you accrue time)


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