Last Update: October 19, 2021 1:18 PM

Create a New User

Administrators can add new users one-at-time or in bulk. 

To add a new individual user, go to the Staff™ module:

  1. From Staff Directory, click Create User
  2. Select a role for this user: employee, manager, or administrator
  3. Fill in the following mandatory fields: First and Last Name, Job Title, Hired Date, Office, Email, and Username
  4. You may also fill in optional fields: Employee ID, Department, Manager, and Alternate Email
  5. Hit Save

This will bring you to their User Profile. You can add more detailed information by selecting the green Edit icon at the top of each section.

We also recommend doing the following every time you add a new user:

Welcome Email

When you’re ready to give the user access to PurelyHR:

  1. Click Welcome Email under Main Menu
  2. Select the user then click Send Welcome Email

The user will receive an email where they can set their password and log in for the first time.

To add users in bulk, use Import/Update Users to download our CSV template.
NOTE: Administrators will require an additional setup with the role Admin.  You cannot use the same user and or manager account for the role of Admin.  
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